Host Your OWN Retreat!

Why Host your Retreat with Chica Surf Adventures?

A. Amazing location.
B. Turnkey program all ready in place.
C. Super EASY set up.
D. Work with a company with a proven success record for over 8 years doing what you want to do!
E. Expert knowledge and established local business relationships in place
F. No need to set up your own merchant account
G. Webpage designed for you to market your retreat
H. Proven and customizable itinerary
I. And a guaranteed awesome experience for you and your guests.

We are here to make sure your retreat is a SUCCESS!

Let’s get started!

What kind of retreat can I host with Chica Surf Adventures?

We can host your spiritual retreat, transformational retreat, fitness retreat, action adventure retreat, couples retreat, yoga retreat, and really any concept that you want to put together.

We know you want to create, fill and profit from your retreat and of course have an experience of a lifetime. Forget trying to get your own merchant accounts set up, looking for accommodations, hoping you might find the best local prices on activities, praying you can figure out transportation while creating your itineraries, troubleshooting unforeseen challenges in a place you are unfamiliar with. Let us do what we do best and we will work with you to create the ideal experience for you and your guests!

What does this program have to offer?

We have created the EASIEST turnkey program for you use to run your custom retreat, whether you are looking to run your very first retreat concept or you are an experienced retreat provider and you are looking for a new exciting location! Here at Chica Surf Adventures, we are experts in travel planning, travel coordination and we are like a vacation to go! We have 8 years experience running exceptional surf yoga retreats for women, children and families. We are local experts in the Santa Teresa, Playa Hermosa, Mal Pais areas in Costa Rica with the ability to accommodate all of your needs. And our program is set up so you plug right in, let us know what you need and get you set up for success.

We have in place for your guests tropical accommodations, a delicious food package, activities like surf lessons, yoga class, acrobatic silk class, zip lining, waterfall hike, snorkel tour, stand up paddling, horseback riding on the beach, spa services, private taxi service, yoga studio spaces, a customizable itinerary, plus we create a webpage for you to market your retreat, photos to show how awesome your trip is going to be, we process all of the credit card transactions, and we are there with you to co-host your trip and provide any necessary support throughout your program onsite.

Does my retreat have to include surfing?

Not at all! We know that not all of the retreat programs are geared toward the active guest or designed for the total active experience. However, we HIGHLY recommend including at least 1-2 surf lessons in your retreat package 1. because you are in the ideal place to learn and 2. it creates such a unique experience for your guests who gain both a mental and physical challenge and is perfect for group bonding and lots of laughs! We have expert instructors and equipment to facilitate this incredible adventure for all levels and all ages.

Do I get to come for free?

We are excited to tell you that your vacation package with Chica Surf Adventures is free, including shared accommodations, breakfasts and dinners daily, transportation to all activities, all activities, classes and tropical massage.

We do not pay for your airfare, transportation, lunches, drinks, tips and any added activities. With the minimum required 5 guests, you will be able to pay for your unpaid expenses and still profit from your retreat!

How do I make a profit?

We charge you a set fee for the retreat package. Our fee is $1450 per guest. You add on your profit margin, create the new price and the difference is what you take away! The average package is $1750-$2150

We can substitute certain activities out like surf lessons for different activities of your choice, or to create more space in the schedule for some of your own dedicated program features. We do not however subtract from our price if you choose to eliminate a feature.

Where are you located and why is it so awesome!

We are located in a tiny surfing village on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica called Santa Teresa. We are surrounded by Mal Pais, Playa Carmen and Playa Hermosa – all incredible bustling jungle towns full of life, culture, and inspiration. You will be hosting your retreat in a beautiful rustic hotel off the dusty road and a 2 minute walk from endless empty beaches and surrounded by lush jungle canopy home to our howler monkeys. There are breath taking views, epic sunsets and the ideal scenery for a life changing retreat experience.

I really want to host a retreat but I'm nervous!

This is THE most exciting time for you and it is normal to be nervous. We have an incredible vacation already in place – all you need to do is put your name on it – your spin – add a few things that make it unique to you – and you are set! I am here to coach you through what ever you need to make your dream into a reality!

How do I host a retreat with Chica Surf Adventures?

We help you CUSTOM build your retreat and plug it into our system!

1. Email or call me and explain to me what you want to do. My name is Amanda! Even if you don’t know exactly – I can help create it with you.
2. You will pick a date Sunday to Sunday at least 5 months in advance. This will help you plan, prepare, and market your retreat.
3. We will go over your program and create an itinerary that will include everything you want for your vacation package. We will take our standard package and integrate our program with what you want to create for your experience. We will redesign it so it fits you!
4. You will next create the price of your trip by adding on to our cost listed below. This will be the price your guests will pay. We will subtract our cost, and the rest is your profit! You personal vacation package is included (accommodations, food, activities). Your airfare, transportation, drinks and tips are not included.
5. We will create a webpage on the Chica Surf Adventures website that you can use to promote your offer, collect sign ups, sign waivers, etc.
6. You are responsible for marketing and promoting your own retreat but we will announce your retreat through our social media network to help you!
7. We will need to decide together on a cut off date for your guests to sign up with their 25% deposit. If not enough deposits have been received by that date, we will cancel the trip, and refund all deposits minus the merchant processing fees. All final balances need to be paid 60 days prior to the retreat date.
8. You will need at least 5 people to secure your 1st bungalow and have your trip be a go!
9. Once you know that you have at least 5 people – your guests can begin to purchase airfare and get excited!
10. We will add on additional bungalows based on available space and deposits received.
11. Once your trip is set and a go – we will help you coordinate everything you need before and during your retreat, and act as your support team on sight while you host your program!
12. You will be required to sign an agreement in which you acknowledge that any and all resources that we give you (accommodations, activity vendors, transportation providers, etc) will not be used under any circumstances in the future for hosting your own retreats without Chica Surf Adventures.

Our goal is to help your retreat be a huge success and an experience of a lifetime! And we look forward to co-hosting many successful retreats with you in the future!

What is included in the standard retreat package?

The Standard Package is listed at the bottom of this page. Any and all items included in the standard package can be modified.

Can I add my own activities or change what is included in the basic package?

Yes! We have a standard package with an itinerary that is proven to already work and flow with much success. We will work with you to create the experience you want to give your guests. With that, it will mean adding and subtracting features, like surf lessons, or adding in more yoga classes, or finding time to do the group sessions that you want to lead. With our expertise, we will help you coordinate the best schedule for your week.

Can I teach my own classes and courses?

Of course! If you have a yoga or other type of fitness class you want to teach – we have excellent options both on and offsite including at the beach that you can run your class. If you want to do spiritual work or other type of transformational type workshop, we can find and create what ever kind of space you need.

Can I use my own website to market my retreat?

You are more than welcome to use your own photos and content to create your own website. If you already have a website, let’s say, for your personal training business, you can create a landing page and then link it to a page we create for you. We need to have the guests fill out important information through a specialty web form which includes signing a liability waiver, terms and conditions, plus allows us to get emergency information, food preferences, etc all at one time. This form will be located on our website only. And then we also require their contact information to send them the payment links they need to sign up, unless you have your own merchant account portal.

Do you market my retreat for me?

We do not do any of your marketing for you. We will announce on our own social media platforms that your specific retreat has been scheduled – along with any additional exciting features that makes your retreat unique. You are responsible for filling your retreat with your clients, networking, advertising and marketing. We will book our own clients if they are excited for your retreat and we get the request for them to join your retreat. Occasionally, based on the unique nature of what you have to offer, you will get a few extra guests from us! And you will still make the additional commission!

I have my own merchant account. Do I need to use yours?

If you already have your own business set up with your own merchant account in place, you are more than welcome to process your own sales. We must have all deposits in place before we can hold any space for you. All final balances must be paid in full to Chica Surf Adventures 60 days prior to the retreat start date.

Do you help my guests with travel and airfare arrangements?

We are not a travel agency. However, we have years of experience assisting our guests with excellent travel advice and direction. We will most definitely help your guests with all of the travel tips they need to book the best flights.

Do you offer private accommodations?

We do offer private accommodations for 2 guests based on availability. We charge an additional $200 per guest ($1650 total per package) – and therefore you can ALSO charge $200 more per package to cover that. We do not do a private accommodation for 1 person.

How many guests can you accommodate?

Depending on availability, we can host 22 people at our designated hotel. We can easily add on an additional location to accommodate a larger group should you need more space. We have established relationships with many of the hotel in the area who would love us to help fill their bookings.

What is your cancellation policy?

If we do not receive enough deposits by the time your set deposit date expires, we will refund all of the deposits to all of your guests.

Once we have confirmed all of your guests and the deposit requirement date has past, we do not under any circumstances refund the guests at this point (not limited to personal issues like work conflicts, medical emergencies, etc.)



Custom book any week! Let us know what works for you! Our adventure camps and custom retreats run Sunday to Sunday. Get ready for one epic unforgettable week of fun. The best time of year to book a Costa Rica trip is November through early July. This program is perfect for all of your tours, retreats, adventure vacations, group travel and more! Please contact us for available dates.

Our Program Fee to YouPer Guest

$ 1450

Per Month

What You Can Charge!Per Guest

$ 1650 - 2150 +

Per Month


    • 7 days/ 7 nights Shared Accommodations
    • Taxi Pickup from the Tambor Aiport
    • Transportation for all activities
    • All rooms include a safe/locker, ceiling fan, linens, refrigerator, spacious terrace and a hammock to make your stay enjoyable
    • 2 Meals per day (drinks not included) A healthy gourmet breakfast and dinner will be served daily.
    • 4 Professional Surf lessons
    • Daily surfing and unlimited surf board rentals
    • Tropical Back Massage
    • Zip Line Adventure through the Jungle Canopy
    • Guided tour to the Montezuma Waterfalls
    • Isla Tortuga Island Snorkel Tour plus lunch and volleyball beach day
    • 1 Yoga Class (additional classes available daily)
    • Infinity Pool and Beach dinner at sunset
    • Chica Surf Adventures Hat
    • Professional Surf Photo Session plus CD to take home!

You can also add the following in your packages OR your guests can elect to sign up for them separately:
Horseback Riding on the Beach $45
Stand Up Paddle Boarding $65
ATV Rental $70 per day
Aerial Silk Yoga $25
Extra yoga classes $12

Any features of this package can be customized to fit YOUR retreat program!

All packages do NOT include airfare, car rental, return transportation to the Tambor airport on day of departure, drinks, tips, or costs for additional activities

Sign Me Up!


We highly encourage you to include surf lessons in your itinerary. Learning to surf in Costa Rica is a unique experience in itself – provides personal and physical challenges, team and group bonding, and lots of laughs! Lessons are designed for all skill levels and ages. Our instructors are not only fun and really great teachers, they are also ISA and Lifeguard certified for your safety. Get ready to experience the surf stoke. You can include the standard 4 days or 1 or 2. When your guests are not taking a surf lesson, surfboards are available for them to go out and get extra practice.

I'm Excited


Off the road, surrounded by lush jungle landscapes and a 2 minute walk to the beach, your guest will be staying at at a tropical bungalow style hotel, perfect for groups big and small. It includes a gorgeous pool, a central restaurant and lounge area complete with both a pool table and ping pong. We also have an outdoor silk yoga studio which can be used for fitness classes and group sessions. The bungalows offer the experience of a lifetime as you can hear the howler monkeys and view the jungle from your bed. We have bungalows that can accommodate both small and large groups. Wireless internet is available.

I Love it!


You have the option of choosing a private condo set up for your guests during your stay. This location offers a very different experience. Each units comes complete with 2 bedrooms, full kitchen, television, air conditioning, internet, private yard, porch area, swimming pool and direct access to the beach. We do not include meals at this location, how ever we do have a gourmet food for an additional cost. This is a great option if your guests like to cook or want to go out and try the local restaurants! Each unit can accommodate 4-6 people (2 queens and 1 foldout couch). We have 3 units available.

Let's Do This


This all day adventure takes you to the tropical island of Isla Tortuga. The entire group will take a fun speed boat ride with views of beautiful rock formations along the coastline. We often see dolphins, turtles and whales along the way. This is the perfect day to go snorkeling, enjoy the beach, ride a banana boat, try kayaking, see wild animals and tropical birds, and have a delicious beach bbq prepared for the entire group. You can even try Stand Up Paddling or go for a ride on a jetski! All snorkel gear and life jackets are provided. Drinks and food included.

I'm so there!


Everyone loves this incredible adventure. You will fly above the Costa Rican jungle on the Montezuma Canopy Tour. The zip line consists of 9 cables and 13 platforms for you to enjoy, and you will see all sorts of plants and animals unique to Costa Rica. The guides are available to accompany all children and adults needing assistance and reassurance on the zip line adventure. On the tour, you will get to hike down to the famous Montezuma Waterfalls and jump into the fresh water swimming pool. You may even see a few howler monkeys along the way! This exhilarating experience you wont want to miss!

I Can't Wait


There is so much to do and tons of extra activities to add on. 100% guest favorite is horseback riding on the beach. Many guests love the Acrobatic Silk yoga class available at our hotel. We will play at the Vista de Olas Infinity pool, and your guests can enjoy the poolside bar and watch the sunset over epic views of ocean. You can choose to take a Stand Up Paddle tour in Mal Pais or even take a kayak tour up the Rio Bongo. We are here to make your vacation package the best it can be and we will help you organize any additional activities you want to do. Your Costa Rica retreat adventure of a lifetime awaits you!

Let's Do This


We provide your guests with gourmet meals at our restaurant daily! Start your day with a healthy breakfast, including fresh fruit and coffee home grown in Costa Rica. Lunches are not included so it gives everyone the opportunity to try out our local restaurants, or make some lunch in our guest kitchen and sit by the pool. After a day of surf lessons and adventures, you all will be sure to have a big appetite at the end of the day. For dinner, you will always have choices of fresh fish or chicken, vegetarian and vegan options are available. Our gourmet chef always cooks to impress.

I'm Hungry


This is your time to get treated! Your retreat package will include a tropical full body massage for all of your guests. They will receive a delicious 1 hour half deep half relax massage at the Yoga Natural Spa in Playa Carmen. Let us indulge you and your guests with this amazing experience. Let all your worries melt away, while we keep the kids busy having loads of fun! Finish your vacation as a new refreshed you. It will be like hitting the reset button. Additional spa treatments are available, including body scrubs and facials.

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