The BEST Womens Surf Camps – How it all started!

Hi! That’s me! My name is Amanda. I am the owner and founder of Chica Surf Adventures. I am a lover of the ocean. I love to surf and travel. And I am pretty sure I was a mermaid in another life. Over the years, my passion to share my love of surfing, turned into Chica Surf Adventures, a surf camp for women, with surf retreats in Costa Rica, Hawaii and Panama. And we have now added on a Mother Daughter Camp and Family Surf Camps in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica too.

Here is how it all began!

So let me tell you how all of this got started. I learned to surf in my 20’s while on vacation in Hawaii, but I took it on as a passion in my early to mid 30’s. At the time, I worked for the yoga athletic apparel store Lululemon, in Santa Monica CA. One of their key marketing strategies was to get their employees out into community yoga classes, spinning classes, etc to participate and spread the ideals of a conscious active lifestyle through networking with like minded individuals. But I didn’t do yoga. In fact, I used to giggle in the back of the class. I paddled for an outrigger canoe team and I loved to surf. Little did I know that this would be the launching pad for this amazing experience we now create for you!

The Birth of Chica Surf Yoga retreats for Women

It was brought to my attention at work one day, that we needed to create a unique community event, one that I could actively build, and a Yoga Surf Goddess beach day was created. We taught a handful of women how to surf their first wave that day. And a few of the women pulled me aside and asked what they should do when I was not around to help them surf. It was suggested that, an online club service, would help us create a free surf club, that women could join and meet other women wanting to practice or learn to surf together. Within one month of creating the club, we had over 250 women signed up and within less than one year, we had over 1000 women on a continuous basis joining the club, to meet new friends, surf around women who also were nervous to go out by themselves, and to be apart of the growing surf culture of female surfers. I still have this club today!

Before Chica Surf Adventures was created, I had hosted over 200+ free events, surf meetups, camp trips, and had taught over 400+ women how to surf their first waves. I had since moved on from Lululemon and was actively pursuing a career in Real Estate investments, rehabbing properties, as well as continuing to teach surf lessons in Santa Monica, CA and so I had a very flexible schedule. One of the girls from the surf club asked me to join her into the jungles of Costa Rica, to surf in a little town called Santa Teresa. I knew nothing of Costa Rica at the time, but I had never gone on a surf adventure like this before. So, blindly, we picked a hotel, packed our bags and landed on a little tiny grass strip they called an airport.

Completely entranced by the endless beaches and perfect waves, I returned 3 weeks later to explore some more. We posted our photos on the surf club website and a group of women wanted to come down only a few short months later. In fact, I had organized 4 additional trips to the same location that year. I learned I was really good at organizing, planning, finding the best surf instructors, awesome locations, and incredible adventures. I could take the headache and hassle of organizing and planning a detailed vacation, so the ladies could come, relax, and enjoy their surf vacation worry free.

And so I took a chance. I created Chica Surf Adventures, with the hopes to share the love of the ocean, travel, and friendships with women of all ages. And from day one, it has since grown into an incredible experience for hundreds of women, who were looking to take a chance themselves, maybe just a much needed vacation, and as a result we have added multiple locations for the increasing number of women who have become addicted to the rush, who got the surf stoke, who can’t wait to share it with their family and friends.

I am not a professional surfer.  I love to surf. And I love to surf with friends. I have a passion for surfing and bringing people together that want to do the same. I created this company to provide a safe, fun and exciting place for women to take the leap and ride their first wave. Our program is different than many of the surf camps out there, because we combine the surf retreats with action adventures. We love for you to get to know the culture, lifestyle and people of the exotic locations you visit. We challenge you to try things maybe you have never done before. And we also allow you to do as much or as little of our program as you choose to . Our goal is to make sure you leave refreshed and full of life, renewed so you can be the best you. And hopefully with a new passion for surfing and the ocean.

Our outreached has stretched far beyond what I could have ever imagined. We are now able to offer special surf retreats for Mothers and Daughters who together bond in this incredibly unique experience. And because of all of the incredibly positive feedback we have gotten, we now are offering Family Surf Camps to include the dads and kids too!

We definitely look forward to having you on any of our trips. And we look forward to surfing with you soon!

Amanda 🙂