How to pick the RIGHT Surf Bikini for your surf adventure

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Ripcurl Bikini Top

Choosing the BEST surf bikini for your surf adventure

You are getting ready to pack for your amazing vacation and you head out on a mission to find a bikini. Maybe you shop online or maybe you take a trip to your local bathing suit shop. You are new to surfing and you have no idea what you should buy, but you know you want it to fit right and look cute. The tendency for you to buy a suit that is NOT appropriate for surfing is fairly high. It is not just that you are unsure of what to look for, but the selection in most stores are not geared toward the surfer girl.

This article is designed to help you learn why different bathing suits will work better than others and hopefully will help you on your mission to find the ultimate surf bikini!

 Fashion Bikini Tops РNOOOOOOO

Fashion Bikinis

Let me explain why the bathing suits above and below will NOT work for surfing!

  1. Bikini number 1 has a large tie behind the neck and these type of ties dont stay tied long. There is also a metal design on the front which will cause discomfort when you are laying on the surfboard. It also has a triangle top which moves from side to side. We want to avoid any tops that slide, move or are adjusted easily.
  2. This bikini has an under wire and a tie in the middle, both which will be super uncomfortable while paddling on your surfboard. Also the tie around the neck will not hold up the top if you are hit by a wave.
  3. The 3rd bikini in this series is similar to the first one where it have a moveable triangle top and simple string ties in the back that will come undone quickly.

Fashion Bikini Tops

  1. The first bikini here has all sorts of issues. First of all, it is a bikini bandeau top which is hard to stay up on its own even if you are sitting on the beach. The center of the bikini will be uncomfortable to lay on and the straps, well, that’s not going to hold up anything.
  2. Here is an example of the simple string ties in the back. Even if double tied, the bikini still will move around because it doesn’t have a solid connection to the coverage in the front.
  3. This one should be obvious because it is a bandeau and the straps will literally just force the front of the bikini to come right off in a wave.


Surf Bikini TopsThese are the bikini tops you want to look for.

  1. Bikini top number 1 has a tight band around the bra line and the suit will not move from side to side like a triangle top.
  2. The back has crossed straps and also do not need to be tied. This will avoids the tie at the back of the neck and any potential for the tie coming undone.
  3. This suit is similar in that the tank or sports bra is more supportive and stays on better. The entire top is more secure. Also, take a look at the bottoms. These are excellent for surfing because the thicker sides and design will keep it from rolling down or getting pulled off by a wave easily.

This bikini below is my all time favorite. In fact I have purchased it several times in every available color. Take a look at it closely. It is flat seamed. It has a crisscross back and what I like about it is that is does NOT tug on your shoulders. The front has enough coverage so you wont pop out if a big wave hits you. AND its reversible so you can mix it up! This surf bikini is made by Rip Curl and is apart of the Mirage Series.

Ripcurl Bikini Top


Fashion Bikini Bottoms – NOOOOOOO

Fashion Bikini Bottoms

  1. Bikini bottom number 1 is my all time favorite NO – do not use for surfing – bikini bottom. You would think because it ties on the side that it will stay on. Well it wont. This will go up your butt or end up at your ankles. But it is cute for after surfing and hanging out at the beach.
  2. This bikini bottom has the same challenges as the first on but it is even more likely to slip down or completely off. The waistband itself has zero elasticity in order to keep it up.
  3. This bathing suit bottom is more likely to stay on but any suit that has multiple side bands is going to have less resistance to staying secure.


Surf Bikini Bottoms

  1.  Here are the top picks for surf bikini bottoms. I like number one because the tie secures the top and bottom portion of the suit and you have the flexibility to tighten is as necessary. The tie puts tension on the bottom and top seams and is more likely to stay on than a single tie bikini bottom.
  2. This suit has an obvious thick band around the waist and around the legs. Because the suit has a boy short design, the thicker fabric on both sides combined with the thick elastic band, makes it a good choice for surfing. It is not going to roll down or need to be adjusted much.
  3. This last bathing suit bottom has a thick waist band. I put this suit here because if you can find one like this that ALSO has a side tie, or bungee ties on both sides, this would be an amazing suit to take on your surf trip. With just the band alone – it is questionable for big surf, but for surf camp, we will be starting out small, and this will work!

And that’s it! Good luck on your bikini hunt! And don’t forget – just because it’s cute doesn’t mean it’s going to stay on!

Surf Bikini

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