Why we are the BEST surf and yoga retreat in Costa Rica!

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The best Costa Rica Yoga Surf  Retreat for Women

Chica Surf Adventures has perfected the art of balancing an action packed all-inclusive surf vacation with plenty of down time, relaxation, and time to renew and refresh the soul. Ask the endless amount of Chica Surf alumni about their unforgettable experience in Costa Rica, and they will hands down jump in your suit case to come back! This vacation isn’t just a trip to a foreign country, or an exploration through the jungle, a bunch of organized activities, good food and endless beaches. It is a defining moment for you to be fully present, laugh out loud, make new friends, feel alive, throw your worries out the window, and be at peace with yourself.

We know you are excited to enjoy a vacation of surf and yoga in Costa Rica.  You are ready to pack your bags and get out of work now!  You are going to sign up for one of the best surf yoga retreats around. Your expectations are high but you have no idea what you are really getting yourself into. You are just excited to get out of town.

Chica Surf Adventures will redefine your expectations for what you consider an amazing vacation. Here’s why.


There are many surf yoga retreats around the world. What makes each one unique is the location, the program, the accommodations, the tour guides, and the passion behind its creation. At Chica Surf Adventures, we truly believe that your experience is the most important factor in our success. We feel that having a full active program is the best experience you can have and you can choose to do as much or as little of it as you want. We want you to experience not only the surfing and yoga, but to see the country, meet the locals, feel apart of a community, slow down time to relax like you have nowhere to be. We’ve added in a lot of additional activities like zip lining, hiking to the Montezuma waterfalls, going on a snorkel tour, tropical back massages, watch the sunset from an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, dinner by a bonfire and so much more. And we do this, so that you leave your vacation with endless amounts of memories, feeling full and alive again. Check out what’s included below!

You can expect to meet and incredible staff of friendly people, everyone from the chefs, the hotel staff, the surf instructors, your taxi drivers, your yoga instructors, your tour guides and so many more people that help us run our program. All of these incredible people work tirelessly to make your vacation seamless, so you don’t have to worry about planning or organizing a thing, and they will make sure your experience is one you will never forget. Even the sunsets alone here will have you coming back for more!


What is most unique about our surf camp is that our guests not only stay in touch with us and the new friends they have made on their trip, but they travel together and meet other Chicas from previous trips and connect with them too. There is a large community of women who really like to be active and create great long lasting friendships as a result of being apart of Chica Surf Adventures. It is a great testament to how much fun the women have when they come to visit us in Costa Rica.We have many guests return who follow us to Hawaii and Panama too.  We are unique because we really care, about you as an individual and that you have selected us among all of the places you can go in the world. And we look forward to continuing to travel with you too.

For endless testimonials, visit www.chicasurfadventures.com/testimonials or our Facebook page for our latest reviews! www.facebook.com/chicasurfadventures

What’s included in the Surf and Yoga Retreat Costa Rica?


There are many yoga surf retreats that do surf and yoga only. Not only does that get exhausting but it also gets a bit boring. Get ready to take surf lessons from our professional and certified surf instructors who love to see you catch your first wave! The excitement is high and our photographer will most definitely catch that moment on film. And of course a few great wipe outs! You can take the boards out anytime during the day to practice but more than likely you will be off on another adventure! Start out the week with a yoga class to get you ready for all the activities you will be doing. Get excited to zip line through the jungle canopy, hike down to the Montezuma waterfall and jump in! Wisk off in a speedboat to Isla Tortuga to snorkel and have an amazing and relaxing beach day. See some dolphins jumping along the way and even kiss our friendly island pig. Add on a sunset horseback ride or early morning Stand Up Paddle board class on a free day. Enjoy a pina colada in the Vista de Olas infinity pool, and watch the sunset over the ocean in magical shades of orange, pink and purple. Take a Aerial Silk class or try out a Kundalini yoga class. Get treated to a tropical back massage while you melt into the soft sounds of the ocean in the background. Be served delicious breakfasts and gourmet dinners and get the option to try out all of the good eateries around town for lunch. And if you like the night life, we have magical Passion Fruit mojitos, live music to go see and even some reggae beats.

For more information on what’s included, visit the Costa Rica Surf Camp page www.chicasurfadventures.com/costa-rica-surf-camp

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