The BEST Costa Rica Surf Vacations are here!

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Best Costs Rica Surf Vacations

So tell me where the BEST Costa Rica Surf Vacations spots ARE?!!

The Most Epic and Exotic Surf spots in Costa Rica:

  1. Puerto Viejo
  2. Westfalia
  3. Portete Beach
  4. Tamarindo
  5. Playa Negra
  6. Mal Pais
  7. Santa Teresa
  8. Playa Hermosa (North of Santa Teresa)
  9. Boca Barranca
  10. Playa Escondido
  11. Playa Hermosa (South of Jaco)
  12. Alemendros
  13. Manuel Antonio
  14. Playa Dominical
  15. Pavones

We’ve all been to Sydney, Southern California, or Hawaii in hopes of finding the best surf spots. True, most of these places have promised to deliver to exceptional levels, but now it’s time for something bigger, and better. It’s time for bigger and better waves. It’s time to start planning for one of these amazing Costa Rica Surf Vacations! And when I say Costa Rica surf vacations, plural, it means you can plan on wanting to come back again and again. That’s just a fact.

Costa Rica offers some of the most beautiful surfing locations in the world, being blissfully empty and giving you the experience of a lifetime.

Not sure where in Costa Rica you should go for your perfect surf vacation? Here are some of the most exceptional locations for your  first few Costa Rica surf vacations, ranging from the Caribbean to the South Pacific Coast.

The BEST Costa Rica Surf Vacations are located in 4 different regions:

Costa Rica Surf Vacation1. The Caribbean: Costa Rica Surf Vacations

It’s important to remember, when venturing to surf the Caribbean that the surfing season won’t last too long. You want to make sure to hit the Caribbean during storm season! Three of the most exotic locations in the Caribbean include Puerto Viejo, Westfalia, and Portete beach.

The coral reef, Puerto Viejo (aka Salsa Brava), located off the coast in Limon Province, is where Costa Rica hides its biggest waves! The gorgeous waters and beautiful seaside town are sure to make you want to stay!

Westfalia, which extends to Cahuita from Limon, is reliable and consistent in terms of providing good surf, but you might want to be a little careful of the jellyfish and riptides!

Portete beach, also very closely located near Limon, is a small bay which is perfect for the kids, swimming, and snorkeling when on vacation with your family.

Costa Rica Surf Vacations Santa Teresa 2. Northern Pacific Coast: Costa Rica Surf Vacations

Being encompassed by the beautiful Guanacaste Province, the North Pacific Coast is one of the most visited destinations the country. Furthermore, this area is best known for its surfing hot spots and convenient diving locations.

In the Northern Pacific Coast, Tamarindo is highly regarded by many as the Surf Mecca for beginner surfers. Perfect, small and easy waves make it an all around great family location for a surf vacation spot. Everyone can join in! For the more advanced surfers, Avellanas (aka Little Hawaii)  just south of town, is an amazing waves if the swell is hitting right.

One of the most epic locations in the Northern Pacific Coast is Playa Negra, with having waves more powerful than any other North Pacific Location. If you’re an experienced surfer getting ready to get your ride on with waves breaking overhead, this is the place where you want to be. We’re talking about serious surfing here!

And don’t forget the most amazing hidden gems of Mal Pais Costa Rica, Santa Teresa and Playa Hermosa, three adjoining little beach towns with year round surf, excellent beaches, friendly people, and the ultimate surf vacation experience. It’s looking like with the North Pacific coast alone, you have many Costa Rica surf vacations to start planning!

costa013. Central Pacific Coast: Costa Rica Surf Vacations

Just miles away from the beautiful San Jose, The Central Pacific Coast offers some of the greatest surfing locations you’re going to want to be sure to visit, especially if you’re looking for a lively vacation!

Boca Barranca is where you want to be if you’ve got a longboard with you. Playa Escondida is excellent for surfing high tides. And finally, Hermosa beach, jutting out into the abundant Pacific Ocean, is perfect if you’re looking for a private boundary as it stretches across several miles. If you want the best breaks, head over to Almendros!

Surf Retreats Costa Rica4. South Pacific Coast: Costa Rica Surf Vacations

The South Pacific Coast has got to be the most beautiful of the locations when compared to the above three. This is because the South Pacific Coast is still home to the most amazing, awe-aspiring, and unfortunately the final remnants of the Pacific Coastal rainforests. If you’re heading this way, the only thing you need is a wetsuit, your board, and your sleeping bag. Keep everything else back at home base! You’re surfing with Mother Nature now! (And don’t worry, Mama Nature’s taking care of your beginner as well as expert level needs equally!)

If you’re just starting out, Manuel Antonio is the place for you. It’s considered to be a “beach-bum” destination, fully equipped with day tours and surf camps.

Playa Dominical is one of the most beautiful and lush landscapes with waves for everyone, regardless of skill level. The challenge lies at the Baru River mouth, where the waves are higher and stronger, proving to be excellent destination for more skilled surfers!

Pavones is one the ideal place reserved for the skilled and the professional. Located about 8 hours away from San Jose, Pavones is one of the longest left rides in the world. The surf can be somewhat erratic, and you can expect the best waves between the months of April and November.

There you have it! Some of the most exotic and epic locations for your Costa Rica surf vacations are lined up! What are you waiting for?!

Want a guided all-inclusive surf vacation?

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